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About Nissho

NISSHO Co., Ltd was established in 1967 with newspaper prepress services as its main business. Ever since, it has built a track record of supporting a range of companies inside Japan, including major advertisement agencies, newspapers and publishers, for their advertisement needs in newspapers and magazines.
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NISSHO achieves effective communication by employing a unified brand image to all types of media, including newspaper and magazine advertisements, pamphlets, and point of purchase (POP) advertisements.

With an integrated management of planning, production and printing, NISSHO is a one-stop solution for advertising services.
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Print Production

NISSHO’s industry-leading printing technology has been employed in a wide range of media, including advertisements and catalogs, and it has been much praised by Japan’s leading companies, which have high expectations for print material. At NISSHO, we not only handle basic printing needs for paper, but also widely support other specail printing orders such as large-format outputs.
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Quality Control

NISSHO is acclaimed for its preeminent color management system that complies with the standards of Japan Color, Nihon Shimbun Ad Color (NSAC) and Japan Magazine Publishers Association (JMPA). NISSHO strives to maintain and enhance quality through a strict in-house monitoring system for processes including design, DTP, proofing, printing and large-format printing.
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