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Effectively promoting your company’s appeal and advantage with a company brochure

A company brochure is an important sales tool to promote your company’s advantages and to earn your customers’ trust. An important point is how easy it is to understand, as well as the attractiveness of the finished product.

By utilizing our deep knowledge of the Japanese industry, our proven ability in creating marketing materials, and our speed through an integrated in-house team from planning to production, we will contribute to the success of your business in Japan by accurately meeting your marketing needs.

In order to create a company brochure that thoroughly conveys your company’s advantages, careful planning is required for high-visibility creative work, detailed and highly accurate design, as well as formatting. It is important to understand the cultural background of the reader and achieve a communication method that is effective and easily understood. With extensive experience and a long record of achievements in newspaper and magazine advertisement as well as in other publication production industries, we at NISSHO closely listen to your requirements and strive to produce a company brochure with quality that exceeds your imagination.

We hope you will choose NISSHO as your business partner in entering the Japanese market.

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Nissho creates high-quality materials to supoort your business. We support your business with our creativity, production process management, and cost control.