Creative Solution

Creative quality determines the company’s first impression.

Branded items that are seen by consumers, such as company brochures, catalogues, posters and websites, are crucial in determining the impression of a company. The goal we are committed to in creating marketing materials is to convey the intended message. NISSHO is familiar in the areas of DTP, print and media, and has a rich track record and extensive experience in the Japanese advertising industry. As such, we are capable of providing creative solutions that promote the power of our customer’s brands to the greatest extent.

Our strong expertise in print and production enables us to plan concepts and content, as well as set the tone and manner, in a way that shapes the final products with a keen awareness of the end clients who see them. We produce creative works that are filled with ideas that effectively spread your message.

NISSHO also excels in capturing highly original ideas in diverse formats. We achieve effective communication by employing a unified brand image to all types of media, including newspaper and magazine advertisements, pamphlets, large format posters and point of purchase (POP) advertisements.

NISSHO’s creative solutions consist not only of production, but all processes, including management operations such as production assistance and cost control. With an integrated management of planning, production and printing, NISSHO is a one-stop solution for advertising services.


Newspaper, magazine, transit (car interior, train station, vehicle wrap), out-of-home media, etc.

Tools for sales, promotion and PR

Poster, catalog, pamphlet, flyer, novelty item, sticker, calendar, company brochure, in-house newsletter, annual report, etc.

Branding tools

Corporate identity/visual identity (e.g. logo, symbol), business card, envelope, etc.