Photos & Retouch

Photography service that brings out unparalleled beauty

We’ve all experienced being fascinated by a beautiful picture. Similarly, there is no question that the beauty of visual elements is highly effective in attracting the attention of customers in advertisements, pamphlets and other media.

At NISSHO, we provide a photography service featuring general advertisement photos and production.

By taking photos with an awareness of the final product that is seen by consumers, we are able to create smooth and high-quality visuals during image processing. In addition, because we are able to directly hand over the photos we took to our design section for retouching and other work, we can carry out the production process with a sense of speed.

Still photos

From images that express advertising concepts, to images for product cut-outs and explanatory images, we provide our photography service with a focus on detail. Consult us about any theme, including apparel merchandise, industrial products, food, cooking or models.

Photo retouching

We will process the photo according to your needs such as by retouching―e.g. synthesis, color conversion, tone correction, removal of flaws―as well as file format conversion of the image data. We also handle the editing of photo and production data you bring in from other companies.

360-degree panoramic photos (continuous still photos)

The 360-degree continuous frame photographing enables you to view the design and detail of the subject from various angles. It is mainly used for product photos on mail order sites to increase the effectiveness of sales promotion.
We have introduced “panolooks360,” a multi-angle panoramic movie, for photos of spaces such as real estate and stores.