Print Production

We provide top class print quality through integrated processes.

At NISSHO, we have continued to make diligent efforts in pursuit of stable print quality in the field of newspaper advertising prepress, where the industry’s most stringent color management is required. We have established an advanced color management system by bringing together the know-how we gained through our extensive experience in continuing to meet the complicated requirements of advertisers and creators.

We provide professional, attentive and thorough printing services centering on commercial print materials, such as posters, flyers and catalogs, with our top-class quality control as the foundation.

Another one of NISSHO’s strengths is our ability to respond to requests, which is made possible through the in-house cooperation of each section, including the Design Department and DTP Department. We provide a one-stop service ranging from design proposal to production and print, and we employ a data management process following submission. We respond flexibly to orders with requirements such as small lots, quick delivery and special processing.

Based on environmental considerations, at NISSHO we comply with the green printing certification system of the print work industry’s environmental self-regulation, “Green Printing Service Standards.”

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Nissho creates high-quality materials to supoort your business. We support your business with our creativity, production process management, and cost control.