Print Production

NISSHO handles planning and design, as well as printing, binding, website production and video distribution

At NISSHO, we accurately grasp customer needs, and we provide an optimal plan that is highly cost-effective. In each of the stages from inquiry to delivery, we have many meetings with the customer and carry out the job with a sense of speed.

1. Inquiry/Quote

Please contact us by contact form.
We will make an appointment to listen to your requirements.

2. Discussion

We will listen to your requirements. Please tell us about the production material you are considering, its size, the quantity, desired delivery date, as well as the goal that should be achieved in the project.
The optimal approach will vary depending on the item that needs to be produced―such as company brochures, product catalogs or a website―as well as your business category, target consumer and the content to promote. With our rich experience in the print and production industry, NISSHO will provide you with the best proposal to realize your requirements.

3. Planning, Quote Submission, Order

Based on the content of the discussion, we will provide you with the most cost-effective solution.
In addition, we will provide a quote for the project and its schedule.
Please make your order after reviewing.

4. Design, Production

We will prepare and present a design proposal that is in accord with your requirements and concepts.
We will finalize the design after receiving your feedback.

5. Confirmation, Final Adjustments

For print materials, we will ask you to check the color proof and text proof, and for websites we will ask you to check the finished product online.

6. Delivery

We will deliver the completed work to your designated location.

Storage of data, etc.

In principle, the data related to your order will be stored at our company for 1 year. We will also provide prompt support for reprints or partial revisions.

Other print production menu.

Nissho creates high-quality materials to supoort your business. We support your business with our creativity, production process management, and cost control.