Quality Control

Why we can provide top class print quality

At NISSHO, we have continued to make diligent efforts in pursuit of stable print quality in the field of newspaper advertising prepress, where the industry’s most stringent color management is required. With the top class quality control we provide to advertisers and creators as the basis, we deliver a professional, attentive and thorough printing service centering on commercial print materials, such as posters, flyers and catalogues.

Regardless of project size, we provide an assured solution through our one-stop service ranging from design planning to production and printing. We also respond flexibly to projects with requirements such as small lots, quick delivery and special processing.

In response to the heightened social demands to address environmental issues, the printing industry has also required us to produce products that are environmentally friendly. The Japan Federation of Printing Industries enacted the printing industry’s voluntary environmental standard, “Print Service Green Standards.” The green printing certification system certifies factories and business offices that fulfill the standard, and it recommends them as print-related companies active in environmental management. In addition, by displaying a green printing mark (GP mark) on print products that comply with this standard, it aims to widely spread print products that are environmentally friendly.

We provide perfect color management

In addition to establishing a first-class color management system that complies with the standards of Japan Color, Nihon Shimbun Ad Color (NSAC) and Japan Magazine Publishers Association (JMPA), we strive to maintain and improve it through a strict in-house monitoring system.

All of the advertisement production services that we provide―including design, DTP, proofing, printing, large format printing―exemplify this color management system. Not only is the system a part of the business infrastructure, it is a shared policy between all of our employees, including operators, designers and salespersons.

We have been certified by the Japan Printing Machinery Association under the Japan Color Certification System for standard printing, matching and proofing. The Japan Color Certification System is ISO-compliant and its certification is granted based on Japan’s print color standards for offset sheet printing.